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Campaigners protest against the Government’s plan to extend badger cull into Herefordshire.

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On Saturday the 21st November 2015 I joined hundreds of campaigners from all over England and Wales on the streets of Hereford to protest against the controversial badger cull and the Government’s proposals to extend it into Herefordshire in 2016.

Birders Against Wildlife Crime set their sights on wildlife criminals.

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It is said that the United Kingdom is a nation of wildlife lovers.  It should then, come as no surprise that a new voluntary group is raising concerns about the lack of progress to eradicate wildlife crime in the UK

People, Politics and the Planet – Any Questions? 9 March 2015

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People, Politics and the Planet – Any Questions? was a pre-election debate on the environmental policies of the UK’s major political parties. The debate was jointly hosted in London by The Sibthorp Trust, The British Ecological Society and the Chartered

A vote for the Conservatives is a vote for the badger cull.

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In an attempt to secure the votes of the farming community, Environment Minister Liz Truss has pledged that badger culls will continue under a new Conservative led government after the May general election and that culling will form an integral