Environmentalists for Europe (E4E) launched today (February 3 2016)

Environmentalists for Europe (E4E) launched today (February 3 2016)

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On Wednesday 3rd February 2016, a new group called Environmentalists for Europe (E4E) was launched at a meeting in the House of Lords supported by the European Movement.

In the run-up to the EU referendum, E4E aims to work with a broad spectrum of organisations and individuals, in the hope and expectation that the importance of the UK’s contribution to European environmental policy, as well as the contribution EU environmental policy has made to the achievement of the UK’s national goals and objectives, will be fully recognised.

E4E is co-chaired by environmental heavy weights former EU environment commissioner Stanley Johnson and Baroness Young, a former chair of English Nature and chief executive of the Environment Agency.

Mr Johnston said “By being in [the EU], Britain benefits from environmental legislation and funding not only for the fight against climate change and pollution and in its efforts to preserve nature and wildlife, but also through the creation of jobs and financing for research and development here at home.”

“I personally believe that our country’s greatest resource, its nature, will be better protected and better preserved for future generations if we remain an active, full, partner within Europe,” he concluded.

Baroness Young commented “The environment doesn’t stop at country borders and UK air and water quality depends on agreement with our European neighbours on high standards. Europe’s environmental policy has grown to become the core framework in most areas of environmental policy.”

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas , a member of the E4E steering committee,  said today “The EU has a strong track record of tangible environmental improvement. It was the EU’s political decision in 1990″, she added, ” to cap emissions of greenhouse gases by 2000 that formed the cornerstone of the 1992 UN climate convention. Britons have the EU to thank for [many of the] protections we have in place. It’s EU standards on air pollution that are forcing the government to clean up its act and key EU rules on healthy rivers, clean beaches and wildlife conservation have had a very positive effect.”


Bill Oddie, Stanley Johnson, Baroness Young aand Caroline Lucus MP with other members of E4E at the launch today.

Bill Oddie, Patron of E4E, writer, comedian, conservationist and television presenter said “I am delighted and honoured to be the Patron of Environmentalists for Europe.”

“I believe that one of the most important developments in the wildlife world in the last decade has been the acknowledgement that it is politics and politicians that affect our countryside, our birds, and ourselves. In a few months’ time we will be invited to vote in a referendum. Do we stay in the EU? Or should we leave? There will be debates, arguments, and insults. Major issues will be mainly about the economy, with lots of talk of investment and growth. But how much will there be about the environment? Not just climate change, carbon footprints, and cleaner energy, but also nature, wildlife and birds?”

“Especially birds. Let’s face it, we may not be sure whether or not we are European, but lots of birds definitely are. Not just summer migrants from the south, but also winterers from the north and east.”

“Frankly, at this point in history, I would rather that our birds were being overseen by the EU than by Westminster. During the lead up to the last General Election the welfare of animals and birds barely got a mention. Let’s not let that happen again.”

You can sign up to support the campaign by clicking here

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