On the trail of the Lunt Meadow shorties at Lancashire Wildlife Trust’s newest nature reserve

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Amateur wildlife photographer, Louise Hussey, goes in search of short-eared owls at Lancashire Wildlife Trust’s newest nature reserve. I’ve never seen a short-eared owl. Well, that’s not strictly true, I was once told by a birder of great experience that

Conservative Government in denial as the Badger Army gears up for a busy year.

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The Badger Army is a growing group of volunteers from all over the UK that have come together in protest against the Conservative Government’s badger cull. Over the past two years the campaigners have organised 31 protest marches, surveyed for

35,778 bats recorded during 2016 Nietoperek bat census!

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On Saturday 09 January 2016 an international team of 67 bat workers from Poland, Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Malta gathered in the system of underground tunnels, corridors and rooms of the Miedzyrzecki Fortified Front (MFF) near Lubuskie

Campaigners protest against the Government’s plan to extend badger cull into Herefordshire.

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On Saturday the 21st November 2015 I joined hundreds of campaigners from all over England and Wales on the streets of Hereford to protest against the controversial badger cull and the Government’s proposals to extend it into Herefordshire in 2016.

Rhino Dog Squad – Meet the rhinos’ new best friends

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Made up of handler and dog teams, the Rhino Dog Squad plays a vital role in protecting rhinos across four wildlife conservancies in Kenya; Ol Jogi, Ol Pejeta, Lewa and Borana Conservancies. (Scoll down for film) The two breeds used

New film released about the 2014 bird of prey mass poisoning on the Black Isle in Scotland

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(Scroll down for film) In 2014, 22 birds of prey including 16 red kites were found dead in one small area of the Black Isle in the north of Scotland. It was the largest number of raptors suspected of being

Hedgehog sightings in Staffordshire are providing valuable information

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Staffordshire’s leading nature conservation charity has received almost 130 records of hedgehog sightings since launching a campaign to raise awareness of their plight one month ago. In September, Staffordshire Wildlife Trust launched ‘The Last Hedgehog in Staffordshire?’ campaign which has

A night with the trolls on the Isle of Rum

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Jim Manthorpe is a wildlife cameraman and writer living on the west coast of the Scottish Highlands. Recent work a has included BBC Springwatch and Winterwatch and Highlands – Scotland’s Wild Heart (Maramedia for the BBC) due to air in 2016

Hen Harrier Day 2015 film with Chris Packham and Dr Mark Avery.

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Here is a link to the Hen Harrier Day 2015 film with Chris Packham, Dr Mark Avery, RSPB, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and hundreds of supporters in the Peak District recorded on Sunday 9 August 2015. It has a good overview

Research confirms that Gamekeepers are aliens and not just complete wankers

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Recent research conducted by Rockdove College of Knowledge has confirmed that many Gamekeepers are not complete wankers but are in fact aliens. The alien Gamekeepers are the forward party of an invading army from the planet Coruscant in a galaxy