People, Politics and the Planet – Any Questions? 9 March 2015

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People, Politics and the Planet – Any Questions? was a pre-election debate on the environmental policies of the UK’s major political parties. The debate was jointly hosted in London by The Sibthorp Trust, The British Ecological Society and the Chartered

A vote for the Conservatives is a vote for the badger cull.

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In an attempt to secure the votes of the farming community, Environment Minister Liz Truss has pledged that badger culls will continue under a new Conservative led government after the May general election and that culling will form an integral

Slow down for badgers!

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Scottish Badgers, an independent Scottish charity, is urging motorists in Scotland to slow down for the sake of the badgers. Spring is on the way and wildlife all over the UK is looking forward warmer temperatures. Unfortunately late spring and early summer is also time

Gamekeeper found guilty of killing a rare bird.

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A gamekeeper has been jailed for four months after being found guilty of killing a rare bird of prey and setting traps illegally to capture others. George Mutch, 48, of Kildrummy, denied recklessly killing or injuring a goshawk and illegally

Join the Big Garden Bird Watch 24 -25 January 2015

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Bird populations are a great indicator of the health of the countryside. That’s why it’s so important to take part in surveys like Big Garden Birdwatch to keep an eye on the ups and downs of the wildlife where we

10 August 2014 marks the very first Hen Harrier Day to take place in the UK

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Today is the Glorious Twelfth. It signals the start of the shooting season for red grouse on grouse moors across the UK. However, not everyone is celebrating. Grouse moors are unique habitats that support a diverse range of flora and