Research confirms that Gamekeepers are aliens and not just complete wankers

Research confirms that Gamekeepers are aliens and not just complete wankers

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Recent research conducted by Rockdove College of Knowledge has confirmed that many Gamekeepers are not complete wankers but are in fact aliens.

The alien Gamekeepers are the forward party of an invading army from the planet Coruscant in a galaxy far far away. It is thought that their mission is to lower the moral of the inhabitants of planet earth prior to an invasion by systematically killing as much wildlife as possible.

A hen harrier, who chose to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, remarked “ I often wondered why many Gamekeepers seemed hell-bent on killing all the wildlife they come across including protected species. I always thought these people were utter cunts but now I know they are not human at all but invading aliens who were just following orders. It’s such a relief”.

The research also suggests that some of the aliens may have infiltrated the Police and local government which is how the illegal killing of protected wildlife has been able to go on for so long with hardly any of the aliens being prosecuted.

A spokesperson from the Game Keepers Association commented “EXTERMINATE!! EXTERMINATE!! EXTERMINATE!!”.


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