Skydancer – What Next for Hen Harriers? Asks the RSPB.

Skydancer – What Next for Hen Harriers? Asks the RSPB.

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RSPB have launched a new film as part of their award winning Skydancer project which aims to raise awareness and promote the conservation of hen harriers in the north of England.

The film was made for the RSPB by the Haltwhistle Film Project and highlights some of the issues surrounding hen harriers and the sometimes antagonistic relationship between the shooting and the birding communities.

Heather moorland is unique patchwork of habitats including wet heath, dry heath and blanket bog, which support a diverse range of flora and fauna including the spectacular hen harrier. However, many heather moorlands are managed as shooting estates where predators, including the protected hen harrier, are not tolerated.  As a result, in England there are currently only three breeding pairs of hen harrier despite suitable habitat available that could support an estimated 300 pairs.

The film, shot in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cumbria and Derbyshire, includes interviews from all sides of the argument, and across all ages.

The film makers also worked with several schools to create some beautiful animations placed in some of the best landscapes in England.

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