Slow down for badgers!

Slow down for badgers!

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Scottish Badgers, an independent Scottish charity, is urging motorists in Scotland to slow down for the sake of the badgers.

Spring is on the way and wildlife all over the UK is looking forward warmer temperatures. Unfortunately late spring and early summer is also time of year when we see more badgers dead on the side of the road. It is estimated that 50,000 badgers are killed on UK roads each year. Many of the badgers that get hit by cars as they cross country roads are cubs that have recently left the safety of their setts to explore their local environment in search of food.

Badgers do not hibernate but do spend more below than above ground during the cold winter months. As the days become longer in March and early April badgers become more active foraging for earthworms and other food such as small rodents, frogs, slugs, berries, acorns, insects, grubs, fruit, nuts and bluebell  bulbs.

Ian Hutchison, Species Protection Officer with Scottish Badgers, commented “Please try and remember Brock and slow down. It will save a lot of damage and upset and hopefully reduce the carnage on the roads.”

Badgers are also facing an uncertain future in England as Liz Truss, the current Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, has pledged that if the Conservative Party wins the general election in May they will roll out badger culls across the UK as part of their programme intended to halt the spread of bovine TB in cattle.




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